Artwork 2017


Dreams of Flying

size 19″x 12″x 13″

Mixed medium sculpture. Sticks, wire, paper mache’ feathers, plastic mesh bags tissue paper

Dreams of Flying 2                                                                                                                                                                             Dreams of Flying 1


Prickly Pear in a Minor Key

size 29″x 22″

Hand dyed fabrics and thread. Machine quilted

Prickly Pear in a MInor Key

Sit! Right!

size 40″x 27″

painted background wall, hand dyed fabric chairs, hand colored, computer images of cats

Sit! Righ!

Water Rites

size 37″x 44″

Water in Washington east of the Cascade Mountains is quite different from water around Puget Sound or the Pacific Ocean. Most of it comes from snow melt in the mountains and is transported to the rich farm and orchard lands by canals. Certain people have rights to this water. In April when the water is delivered there is a culture of rites that include setting pipe, moving water and the growing of crops.

Water Rites_wp


The Sun at Their Backs and The Other Warrior

The Other Warrior 6″ x 6″ x 15″

The Sun at their Backs 19″ x 12″ x 13″

Mixed media sculpture about the changing times of all people.  From the back of this piece the sun glows yellow on them. The shield is embellished with computer keys and parts. The landscape and clothing are still very traditional.


Old Brushes

size 25.5″ x 18″

Based on a collection of old used up paint brushes I have. This was designed as a demonstration piece for a class called “From Photo to Fabric”.



Gaudi Tiles

size 31″ x 29.5″

I love the work of Antonio Gaudi from Barcelona Spain. He did amazing buildings during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. This is based on a building called “Villa Quijano-el Capricho” that was covered with these sunflower tiles.

Gaudi Tiles-


Golden Iris

size 24″ x 34″

I love my iris beds. The infinite colors changes astound me. It is  a huge challenge to depict an iris. For this I did 2 batches of layer dyed fabrics to capture the shades of gold needed.



Van Sun Flowers

size 26″ x 23″

I found these dying sunflowers in a friends back yard. They just spoke to me so I was able to bring them home, if I promised to set them out for the birds to eat the seeds, and photograph them. Numerous photos and rearrangements later this piece arrived.

the left side of the background was created with leaf prints on silk while the right side is hand dyed blue fabric covered with scrunched up dark green tule.

the flowers are in hand dyed fabrices

Van Sunflowers_WP_edited-1


Shadow Dancers

size 30″ x 35″

While driving through town I noticed this run down apartment house with multiple satellite dishes hanging off of it. The sun was at such an angle that that long shadows were cast down the wall. After cruising around the block I was able to get a good angle  to photograph it. The shadows created a second image, that of figures with the dishes as the heads. It was just fun to make.

Shadow Dancing_WP_edited-1


Cold Cafe’

size 20″ x 29.5″

This is based on photos I took during a trip to Prague a few years ago. I was amazed at these women who, despite the bitter cold, sat in the weather to smoke and drink coffee in a large open plaza

Cold Cafe' finished_WP_edited-1